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Hi! My name is Eva and I’m a passionate front-end developer and designer specializing in website creation. Polish by origin, currently based in Nicosia, Cyprus I work as a freelancer on the island and accept remote orders, also from abroad.

I started working with code by creating basic front-end apps and explored the amazing opportunities given by Vanilla JavaScript, React and TypeScript.

I was later asked by family and friends to help creating their websites and, since it was always a playful challenge, I further developed in HTML and CSS. Taking it a step further, I explored the colorful world of web design creating professional projects in Figma.

It's important to me to create esthetic interfaces that are going to ensure a pleasant user experiance. I try to keep my code practical and elegant and stay open to all ideas and challenges.

Feel free to explore the site to learn more about my projects and cooperation opportunities!
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Whether you are just starting up with a new business or want to give your functioning one a promotional boost, nowadays you need to be present online. Every professional and successful business needs a website that will reflect its values and present its offer to a wider community.

Web development and web design are my passions, and I will gladly help you decide what kind of website your business needs and what functionalities it should include. Bellow you can find a list of main website types, as well as price estimates and timeframes for their development. Please note that every project is different. The final price, as well as the time for development and design, will always depend on the number of subpages, products, design and functionalities you want the page to have.

A blog is a type of website where you can post entries. A blog allows for more personal, direct communication than other websites.
Price range: 800 - 1000€
Development time: 5-10 days

One Pager
One Pager is a website consisting of a "one page", often elongated, which can be navigated by scrolling using special navigation. A One Page website may contain all information about a given company or product, but in a different form than on a regular website.
Price range: 400 – 800€
Development time: 5-10 days

Landing page
Landing page, as the name suggests, is a landing page, i.e. the one that users usually reach after clicking on a banner, mailing, sponsored link or advertising link. Therefore, the landing page should be a logical extension of the content in the ad. A landing page usually does not contain separate subpages and is an independent page, a micropage, but it can be part of a larger website.
Price range: 400 – 800€
Development time: 3-5 days

Professional website for the business
Business websites offer the biggest variety of options.
In its simplest verion it can be a clear, uncomplicated page containing the most important information about the company. Customers who choose this type of website are usually companies and people providing services.
It is a site that attracts with graphic solutions with extensive functionality and a wide range of possibilities. This is a website for companies whose business is based on operating on the Internet, building relationships with customers. It is also a page focused on results in the Google search engine.
Price range: 300-2000€
Development time: 5-30 days

The purpose of such sites is to display samples of work for certain professionals for wider clientele.
Portfolio sites might have the same principles as business websites, to display and promote work and services, but with the additional of work samples. Portfolios need to be visualy attractive, putting more pressure on visual design of the website rather than its features.
Price range: 600-2000€
Development time: 10-30 days

E-commerce website
The store's website is the perfect solution for you if, apart from the store, you also want to have a fully functional website for your company or product. The combination of the website and the online store allows you to administer the website with the store using one panel.
Price range: 1500-3000€
Development time: 30 days and more

Check out the websites that I have already developed:
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A simple website takes a good developer with some sence of esthetics to look presentable. But if you want a more complex site with an outstanding layout, eye-catching animations and styling... you need a web designer as well.

A good design reflects the spirit of the company, it brings relevant visitors to your site and, even more importantly, makes them stay and come back.

As a web designer with the knowledge of UI/UX, I can design your website or application on demand or as a part of a full web creation project.

An independent web design project might cost between 150€ and 2000€ depending on the type of the website/application you need. The designs are created in Figma

Check out my website and app designs:
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As a front-end developer I use programming to create client-oriented websites and web applications. In my work I focus on esthetics, user friendly interfaces and pleasing user experiance.

Technologies I use in my work:

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Samples of my work:
A weather application built in ReactJS, with the styling usage of CSS and Bootstrap. Functional search engine using Open Weather Map APIs for current and forecasted weather, also including user's geolocation. Having such extras as conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, changing background and color palette depending on the weather and day time, as well as a carousel used to present a 6-day forecast.
Simple memory game created in TypeScript and React. TypeScript used as the programming language and React mostly for hooks along the game. Vite used as a package bundler.
An app showing current and forecasted weather, both for users' location as well as any other city in the world. Created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using Bootstrap, API and AJAX technologies as well as DevOps practices. Fully responsive for different screen sizes.
Fully functional calculator. The content and interface were created in HTML and CSS (using FlexBox) but the real magic happend 'under the hood'. Calculator's engine was created in Vanilla JavaScript, allowing to store the data input by the user, present them on two screens and make requested calculations.
A very simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game created in HTML, CSS and JS, with a focus on implementing DOM methods. In the UI, the player is able to play against the computer. After 5 successfull rounds, the game announces the winner.
Dictionary app built in ReactJS. The app uses two separate APIs for rendering pictures and definitions. Uses such functionalities as carousel display gallery, audio play buttons and collapsable elements. Fully responsive for different screen sizes.